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4 Translation

Comment by Anna de Lirium | 2015-02-05 11:02

muito obrigada for this wonderful review!
here's the translation
(sorry - google translator ... :-S )

"There is a word for the performance of the Austrian Anna de Lirium with her show "ALIVE! in Concert" at the Arco 8, on Friday, already very late at night: masterful!
And another: Amazing.
How is it possible to get in classical music and from there build moments of absolute present, extremely professional manner and comic gem so masterfully ...?
It is.
It was to take a very special audience to red. Thank you, Tanja Simma."

3 Delírio ao vivo no Arco 8

Comment by Bolina Festival, Açores | 2015-02-05 10:59

Há uma palavra para definir a actuação da austríaca Anna de Lirium com o seu "Alive in Concert" no Arco 8, na sexta-feira, já muito de noite:
E outra: surpreendente.
Como é que é possível pegar na música clássica e a partir daí construir momentos, de absoluta actualidade, de extremo rigor profissional e preciosidade cómica com tanta mestria...? É. E foi para levar um público muito especial ao rubro.
Obrigada, Tanja Simma.

2 Delirante, deliriant, delicious!!!

Comment by Macarena González de Vega | 2015-01-12 23:45

Une Chanson d' amour vivante!!!!
Super (substitute) Star!!!!!
Very veeery Important Woman!!!!! Precious Lady Clown!!!!

Diretora de Teatro Almazen, Barcelona

1 Hurray for 25 years!

Comment by Hilary Chaplain | 2013-02-27 15:54

What a great way to celebrate your 25 years, Tanja! with a fabulous new SOLO SHOW! I'm so looking forward to seeing it live after seeing a very exciting workshop of it. It must be fabulous!!! Congratulations on your bringing your brilliance to your show! See you somewhere in the owrld!