Anna de Lirium


... alias Tanja Simma is the newest queen from the clown comedy scene - a powerful funny lady with a poetic gentle touch!
A talented and extremely versatile artist, Tanja Simma has mastered every technique from singing, dancing, pantomime to electric ukulele, piano, musical saw and more.
All of her skills are based on brilliant and heartwarming comedy!

Not for nothing is she a favorite of her director the world famous JANGO EDWARDS - quote "I only work with the best but Anna de Lirium is better than that!"

beyond comparison.
ahead of time.

Tanja Simma was the first female Austrian artist to perform at CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. Furthermore she was a cast member of POMP DUCK & CIRCUMSTANCE and PALAZZO.
Her original pieces have been performed at numerous international festivals (Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Brasil, Croatia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland). At this time there are several pending invitatons to Columbia, Brasil, Argentina and the USA.